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What to Know About Visiting Chesapeake Bay



The Chesapeake Bay is a well-known inlet that’s located between the states of Maryland and Virginia. The mouth of the Chesapeake Bay is found in two spots: Cape Charles and Cape Henry. It is a nice place to visit if you love basking in the beauty of Mother Nature or are a seafood lover. The Chesapeake Bay is home to many types of fish and birds. There are several things to consider when visiting this stunning place.

Best Things to See

There are many popular attractions to see in the Chesapeake Bay area. One popular attraction to visit is the Thomas Shoal Lighthouse. This lighthouse is the only active screw-pile lighthouse left in the bay. It is a National Historic Landmark that is located at the entrance of the South River, not far from Annapolis. Public tours are available throughout the year. Another attraction to visit is Tilghman Island. This place is a historic waterman’s village that is situated on the Eastern Shore. Stop by the museum, and try the fresh seafood from one of the many restaurants established there.

Best Things to Do

There are many fun activities to partake in when you visit the Chesapeake Bay. You can dig for precious prehistoric gems at the Calvert Cliffs State Park. There are over 600 types of fossils found there. You can also try your hand at sailing when you take a beginner’s two-hour lesson at the Annapolis Sailing School.

Word of Caution

The Chesapeake Bay area is a lovely place to visit, but it is crucial to remember some safety tips to ensure that your trip is a fun and memorable one. It is natural to want to be near the water when you are at the bay, but it is important to stay safe no matter where you go.If you have an open cut, practice caution when exposing it to saltwater or brackish water, and wear a waterproof bandaid for protection. Also, if you handle raw oysters, always wash your hands with antimicrobial soap afterward. According to Robert R. Castro, be careful of any seafood that isn’t properly cooked or of any water that you haven’t checked the rating for. Flesh-eating bacteria have been on the rise in the area and can be transmitted through these.

The Chesapeake Bay has so much to offer its visitors. Just be sure to remain aware of your surroundings and stay safe while visiting, and you’re bound to have a fantastic time.

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