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Vacation Transportation Tips for When You Have a Child in a Wheelchair



Vacations can be challenging with children in the first place, but the addition of a wheelchair can make it even more challenging. Parents need to do a little more research and plan ahead a little more, but there are plenty of ways to allow for the wheelchair. However, travel should not be the biggest problem, and there are ways to prepare for it ahead of time.

Tips for Flying

Most of the tricks for flying come down to letting the personnel of the airline and airport know ahead of time that they will need to deal with a wheelchair. It is advised that you use a manual wheelchair rather than a power chair, as it is easier to stow and maneuver. Make sure that you have all of the medical supplies you will need and an emergency repair kit for the wheelchair. Of all the various forms of transport, traveling by airplane is one of the simpler methods of transportation for a person in a wheelchair, but it also requires the most preparation.

Tips for Driving

The biggest problem with vehicles is finding one that has no accessibility issues. Vans are the obvious advantage, but an RV can work as well. The van is best for smaller, out of the way stops given its size while an RV gives the child plenty of room to move around and independence. With over 268.8 million other vehicles on the road, it’s critical that you secure yourself and your child correctly. Make sure that the stops have ramps, and the trip should have few hitches.

Tips for Boats and Cruises

There are several different situations that need to be allowed for when it comes to boats. Cruise ships are easy enough once you learn how to use cruise tenders, if they are available. For smaller boats, make sure that the boat has wheelchair-accessibility and that you can board easily enough. The biggest issue is to make sure that the safety of the passenger is dealt with, especially considering the potential issues that a wheelchair-using passenger may have to deal with in an emergency.

When it comes down to it, transportation for a child with a wheelchair can be complicated and require some extra planning. However, this process is well worth the extra worry. Make sure that you call ahead and that all options have been allowed for so memories can be made on the trip.

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