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Natural Sights to Explore in Iceland



From the minute you land in Iceland, you will know that you have been transported to another world. This magical place is flush with an abundance of magnificent natural sights to discover along your journey. Here are three of the top natural sights to explore while in Iceland.

Hot Springs

According to Rough Guides, one of the star attractions of Iceland is its many hot springs. Located only 12 miles from Keflavík International Airport, the Blue Lagoon is the most famous of them all. The vivid blue water juxtaposes with the black lava rubble to form an amazing visual. Also, near Reykjavík, you will find Laugardalslaug. As the country’s largest hot springs pool, this complex also features slides and saunas for the complete water experience. The Jarðböðinn Nature Baths in Mývatn are a great choice if you are in the northern part of the country, making them a good spot to choose if seeing the Northern Lights is also high on your to-do list.

Volcanic Exploration

Towering volcanoes define the landscape of Iceland, creating flowing lava, swaths of black sand, rising peaks, and sweeping craters across the topography of this country. While most people are familiar with the Eyjafjallajökull volcano because its eruption in 2010 disrupted a myriad of flights, there are many additional volcanoes that call this country home. There are approximately 130 volcanoes in Iceland with 30 of these being active. One of the best ways to experience the volcanoes is from up high on an air tour. According to Lava Car Rental, if you plan on driving on Iceland’s infamous F-roads, you will want an all-wheel drive vehicle.


Waterfalls dot the landscape in Iceland, making them a top attraction in the Land of Fire and Ice. Because of the abundance of these waterfalls, you will not have to travel far to marvel in their beauty. The most famous waterfall is Gullfoss. Translated to “golden falls,” this spectacular waterfall is massive in both scope and brilliance. According to its official website, Gullfoss Falls is located near the Hvíta glacier river in south Iceland. Other falls to consider adding to your bucket list include Seljalandsfoss, Godafoss, and Aldeyjarfoss. You will not be disappointed in the majesty of any of these cascading waterfalls.

There is so much natural beauty waiting for you in Iceland. The only challenge is finding a way to see all of this scenery when visiting the diverse country.

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