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Is it Time to Go Back to Normal Yet?

Are you tired of all the restrictions still in place because of COVID-19? If you’re like a lot of other people, you’re chomping at the bit to go back to the way life was before the pandemic. It’s understandable considering at first we were told the restrictions would only be in place for a few weeks, then a few months. Over a year later, and with multiple vaccines being distributed, the question at the forefront of everyone’s mind is whether or not it’s time to go back to normal yet.

Guidelines for Travel

Not too long ago, travel was all but shut down. No one was flying, cruises were beached (and not in a fun way), and travel bans were par for the course. While some places still have travel restrictions, overall the guidelines for traveling have gotten a lot closer to what they used to be. Domestic air travel no longer inherently requires a period of quarantine or COVID tests, though where you’re traveling may have its own requirements. The more people get vaccinated, the lower the risk of contracting the virus. If you’ve been fully inoculated, it appears that the risk to you when traveling is relatively quite minimal compared to what it was last year.

Precautions That Should Stay in Place

While things are improving, some precautions are best left in place for the time being. Face masks still help protect vulnerable people who haven’t had a chance to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The same can be said of social distancing. Of course, other habits, such as washing your hands properly and more regularly and staying home when you’re sick should always be observed. It’s only decent to do your part to keep yourself and others healthy, regardless of the illness.

Slowly But Surely

Right now, unfortunately, it isn’t quite time to get back to normal. That said, we’re getting to the point where getting back to normal is in sight. As of April 19, 2021, over half of the adults in the US have received at least one dose of a vaccine. The effectiveness of these vaccines is proven by what so far appears to be a very small percentage of people who have contracted the virus after being vaccinated. If things continue as they have it isn’t unreasonable to anticipate getting back to business as usual very soon.

If you’re wondering when it will finally be time to go back to normal, you aren’t the only one. As time moves on, guidelines for things like traveling have changed and slowly crept closer to what they were before. That said, there are still some precautions that are probably best left in place. At this point, we aren’t back to normal yet. Slowly but surely, however, we’re approaching the time where we can go back to how things used to be.

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