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How to Ensure Your Next Business Trip Runs Smoothly



The COVID-19 pandemic has vastly changed how we approach travel. Many people have cut back on travel, but for some it is still necessary. Before your clients set out on their trips, make sure they are prepared. Here are a few things you should consider before your next business trip to make sure it all goes smoothly.

Put Safety First

When preparing for travel, keep it simple. Try to keep trips as direct as possible without too many changes in transportation. Driving to a destination is the ideal method of travel as it limits contact with others. However, it’s still necessary for many to fly. Choose direct flights or ones with as few layovers as possible. You can also choose flights at times when fewer people like to travel such as very early or very late.

Make sure your clients are aware of all the necessities they should pack. They will need masks. Traveling with wipes is also helpful so you can clean any surfaces you come in contact with. Bring hand sanitizer in case there is no way to wash hands. People should bring their own snacks and other provisions so they won’t have to stand in line with other people. Social distancing should be achieved when possible. Make safety your priority in all travel plans.

Customer Communication

With so much uncertainty tied to the pandemic, there are many last-minute changes that can take place. Make sure you keep your clients up to date on all information such as canceled flights or changes in flight times. Using a messaging platform can provide your customers with immediate access to important travel information. This can be through a website, emails, or an app. Whatever form of media you choose, make sure it is readily accessible by your clients so they can stay abreast of all updates.

Make a Plan

In order to have a successful trip, people need a clear plan. Have an itinerary prepared. This can include everything from flights to meeting times to dinner plans. It can also include other notes to keep prepared such as possible weather conditions or important contact information. Be sure your clients are well aware of the public health regulations in the area they are traveling to. Make sure they know which documents they will need during their travel. Having a well thought out plan can help things go smoothly while traveling amidst a pandemic.

Travel is still necessary for some people at this time. Make sure travelers are being safe and conscientious as they follow all public health guidelines while traveling. Keep your clients informed and ensure that they make their health and the health of others a priority.

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