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Here Are the Best Cities to Visit if You Love Beer



The road trip has been a long-standing staple of the American way of life. Although some simply like being in the wide-open road many are seeking to explore their passions. Beer drinkers completely understand this as they know that every region of the country brews their beer differently. Thus, hitting the road to taste all these incredible brews is a must for any passionate beer drinker. The following list details some of the best cities for beer-lovers to visit. 


Portland is considered “Vacationland” to many families and friends. This beautiful fishing town provides a plethora of things to do. Some of these include kayaking, whale watching, sailing and fishing, to name a few. However, this is all about the beer. Portland is an incredible city to visit as it not only provides countless fantastic breweries, but high-quality downtown bars as well. One of the most popular of these breweries is the Belgian-style brewery Allagash Brewing Co. The Allagash Brewing Co. offers tours and has a respectable Twitter following with the beer community in mind with daily tweets.


According to Denver Microbrew Tours, Denver has a deep history with beer, having first started brewing since the city’s founding in 1859. The first city’s government was formed in a saloon that still stands today. Needless to say, Denver understands fully what good beer looks and tastes like. In fact, the city houses an astonishing 150 breweries. Some of the most popular drinks in Denver to try are the Kiss The Sky at the Bitter Bar, The Manhattan at Green Russell and The Amante Picante at TAG Restaurant to name a few.


Charleston is no doubt one of our favorite destinations for beer drinking. This beautiful coastal city is vibrant with some of the nation’s top-rated restaurants and has recently become a booming craft beer scene. Make your way down to Chucktown and shop some at Charleston Beer Exchange, and Poe’s Tavern for some of the best bottle choices. Charleston is truly a destination for Southerners and Yankees alike. 


We mentioned earlier that Denver has some of the best spots for beer drinkers. However, just a few miles away, another Colorado city holds an amazing scene for beer lovers. As the saying goes, never drink for the first 48 hours in boulder due to the elevation change. Once you’ve done that make sure you make your way down to Mountain’s sun patio to try out the famous Colorado Kind ale. One thing you notice is that the people of Boulder tend to like drinking their beers outdoors and rightfully so as Boulder presents visitors with some of the most amazing landscapes in the state. 


One of the many things that have contributed to Austin’s fame is its year-round beer selection. With over 47 breweries and plenty of bars to choose from, it’s no surprise that Austin, Texas has made our list. One of the best breweries to check out first is the “King of Austin breweries,” Live Oak’s Hefeweizen. Although most cities are famous for one or two types of beer, Austin blows everyone out of the water when it comes to catering to almost every kind of beer drinker. It even has its own Beer Museum! So next time you’re in Austin make sure you give yourself ample time to visit everything that the city has to offer. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for it. 


Made famous by the feature-length film “The Goonies” as well as other films, Astoria, Oregon is quickly becoming famous for another thing, their incredible beer. Although it doesn’t contain as many breweries as other Oregon cities, here it’s all about the quality rather than the quantity. Some of the must-try drinks are the famous 1811 lager, cans of Cavatica stout, and if it’s in the season, the Citra-loaded Suicide Squeeze IPA. 

San Diego

When people think of San Diego, they don’t really think of it as a beer destination. This is understandable as San Diego is an enormous city with various attractions, but trust us, you need to check out this hidden gem. The city holds an impressive 30-plus brewery and according to Gear Patrol, its own IPA category. If you ever find yourself on the west coast, make sure to stop by at Pat McIlhenney beer-centric restaurant as well as Toronado which has an astonishing variety of beers on tap.

This is no doubt a great time for passionate beer drinkers as more and more locations are taking steps to up their game. Taking a road trip is one of the best ways to expand your taste buds and garner up bragging rights. We hope that the list above gave you some idea of the locations you might want to visit during your next trip. As always, have fun, try new things, and drink responsibly.

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