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United Airlines and Expedia Announce New Multi-Year Partnership



United Airlines and the Expedia Group announced Monday they had reached a new multi-year agreement for the carrier to sell its tickets through the online distribution platform.

In a statement, Expedia officials said the deal expands the leisure distribution relationship between both companies and benefits travelers around the world. It also grows United’s alignment with Expedia Partner Solutions.

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As part of the agreement, United will work closely with Expedia Group’s corporate travel business, Egencia. Both companies have also teased more announcements related to their expanded relationship in the near future.

The deal between United and Expedia airlines/united-airlines-set-to-break-off-relationship-with-expedia.html” target=”_self” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>staves off a disruption in the airline’s ticket being available through the website, which United chief commercial officer Andrew Nocella said was a possibility during a conference call in April.

United officials revealed it was operating under the assumption it would no longer be working with Expedia in October, but the two companies announced last week a new deal was in the works.

The expanded Expedia partnership was good news for United, which took a hit Monday as analysts showed fears that the increase in oil and gasoline prices will “hurt sales and squeeze profits” for companies saddled with high fuel costs, such as airlines and cruise lines.

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Airline News

Survey Highlights Coronavirus Changes Airline Passengers Want



A recent survey of business and leisure airline passengers highlighted the guidelines and health-related equipment travelers are looking for when boarding a plane during and after the coronavirus outbreak.

According to information from Honeywell, around 72 percent were more concerned with the environment on an airplane than in an airport, which only saw 28 percent of respondents voice the most concern.

Nearly 60 percent of respondents also cited social distancing as their top priority during travel, while about half of those surveyed cited air quality (51 percent) and personal protective equipment such as masks (47 percent) as top priorities.

“This survey demonstrates that passengers want high-tech solutions to best validate the entire travel experience as it relates to health and safety,” Honeywell vice president Kevin Suits said in a statement. “Honeywell offers a variety of relevant solutions today that we can bring forward to support travelers.

“We continue to speak with airline executives and transportation leaders about the types of new products and services that would support their efforts to further clean and monitor the cleanliness of their aircraft,” Suits continued. “We are quickly bringing to market new offerings that would be a win-win for our industry and all of us who love to fly.”

In terms of in-flight amenities most-desired by passengers, masks, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes top the list. Travelers also revealed that cleanliness validation via technology was by far (60 percent) the most important way to provide confidence.

A portion of surveyed passengers also thinks that providing cleaning supplies directly to the passenger would help ensure confidence in the cleanliness of the cabin.

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