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Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding



A destination wedding can be like participating in your own version of a fairy tale. However, while fairy tales are full of magic, destination weddings require more foresight. If you’ve got a wedding in mind you’ve dreamed of for ages, the only way it can happen is with careful planning. Here are some great tips for putting a destination wedding together.

Get Help

Getting a wedding together takes a lot no matter where you’re hosting it. However, if you’re going far from home for yours, Here Comes the Guide makes a point that your planning will be more challenging and you’ll need far more preparation. There should also be experience from caterers and other people who are working at the wedding. A good travel agent can help you to get all your guests’ itineraries set up. Start talking to people before you announce your wedding location, as you don’t want to promise too much about what your wedding will involve. You can also keep your influence on the wedding while also allowing others to help by speaking to them about what you want and then listening closely to their feedback.

Be Budget-Conscious

“Low-cost” and “destination wedding” are two terms that often don’t go together. However, you can still find ways to offset costs more than you would if you weren’t being budget-conscious. The California Room warns that a reception alone will take up most of your budget if you don’t plan well. To help keep expenses reasonable, you might want to keep your guest list relatively slim. When you come back home, you might host another, less expensive event for people who weren’t invited to the destination wedding or who weren’t able to travel during that time.

Pay Attention to Weather

You could have a theoretically perfect environment selected for your destination wedding, but it could be ruined by a hurricane or another natural disaster wreaking havoc. You need to pay attention to any weather advisories. Even if there isn’t anything threatening in the forecast for your wedding, you want to avoid places that have a reputation for inclement weather. Avoiding hurricane season for different areas is also a very astute decision. ThoughtCo warns that late summer is the peak of hurricane season. You should also know what to do in the event of different weather emergencies. Weddings can be rescheduled but lives cannot be replaced.

It’s important to keep in mind that your destination wedding might not align exactly with what you’ve envisioned. However, as long as you’re able to feel beautiful and embrace spending the rest of your life with someone you truly love, it will be a great success. By following these tips, you can have an absolutely superb destination wedding.

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