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What You’ll Want This Spring

Spring has sprung and Emmy® Award winning technology and digital lifestyle commentator, Mario Armstrong has a list of what you’ll want… click image ++ Nintendo Switch is the only system that you can play at home on your TV and then take on the go. Its versatility means that players never have to miss a…



Spring has sprung and Emmy® Award winning technology and digital lifestyle commentator, Mario Armstrong has a list of what you’ll want…

NintendoSwitch_logo (1)
NintendoSwitch-gaming-consoleclick image ++


Nintendo Switch is the only system that you can play at home on your TV and then take on the go. Its versatility means that players never have to miss a beat, and can even start impromptu gaming parties virtually anywhere.

Nintendo Switch is available at major retailers everywhere at a suggested retail price of $299.99.

NintendoSwitch_MarioKart8Deluxeclick image ++


Nintendo Switch has a growing library of games that are fun for everyone, including:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
This is the latest version of the classic racing franchise. You and friends can race to the finish as your favorite Nintendo characters.

Super Mario Odyssey
Join Mario on his latest Odyssey, which was one of the best-reviewed games of 2017.

Splatoon 2
Cover the play area with your team’s ink color to beat your opponents in this colorful shooter. With online play, you can even play against long-distance friends.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
This epic adventure won numerous “game of the year” awards.

Games mentioned here are available at a suggested retail price of $59.99 each.

zenni-eyewearclick image ++

If you’re looking to accessorize your look for Spring, look no further than There’s an incredible assortment of prescription styles and sunglasses that start at just $6.95. At that price you can definitely afford more than just one. At Zenni, you’ll find thousands of stylish, well crafted glasses for every look, occasion or need.

Visit to see all the trending Spring styles and more!

In today’s digital device obsessed world, we’re being exposed to even more sources of harmful blue light sources over longer periods of time. UV coverage is not enough these days, prolonged exposure to blue light can have damaging effects on your eyes over time. For techies, gamers, or anyone who’s in front of a computer most of the day, we need to go beyond UV protection.

Zenni’s blue blocking lenses are virtually clear, not like the old school yellow tinted computer glasses. You can wear these all day at the office and after work as well. You can add Beyond UV lenses for just 16.95 to any pair of glasses at

AfterShokz_Trekz_Air_Lifestyle-headphonesclick image ++

Trekz Air are the ultimate sport headphones inspired by the demands of elite and aspiring athletes. These wireless open ear headphones wrap powerful features in a functional, flexible and featherweight design, ignoring the limits set by traditional headphones.

Trekz Air sit on your cheekbones, just in front of your ear and use bone conduction technology to transmit audio waves to the inner ears through the skull, bypassing the eardrums completely. This leaves your ear canals open, allowing you to remain alert and aware of ambient sounds, from traffic to training partners and more while you enjoy your music and calls. Trekz Air are available in 3 colors (Slate Grey, Midnight Blue and Forest Green), MSRP $179.95,


dosh-app-5click image ++


The Dosh app gives you cash back for shopping, dining out, and booking hotel rooms at more than 100,000 retailers, including Forever 21 and Sam’s Club.

On average, Doshers receive $30 in cash back per month — $100+ per month for frequent business travelers. All you have to do is connect a credit or debit card securely in the app. Dosh does all the work of finding you offers and automatically deposits any cash back from purchases into your Dosh Wallet. You can save it there, transfer it directly to a bank or PayPal account, or donate to a favorite charity — all within the app.


Dashlane - logo
Dashlane-1click image ++


It’s practically impossible to remember all your passwords, so password manager Dashlane does it for you, ensuring you’ll never forget another password or get locked out of an account again. Dashlane is an easy to use, secure alternative to storing passwords in your browser or notetaking software that can be easily hacked. By creating and storing passwords in Dashlane, rest assured your personal information is safe.

According to Dashlane, the average user juggles over 150 accounts. Dashlane lets you create and store a unique password for each account, ensuring that even if one account is breached, the others will stay secure. Plus, Dashlane’s instant autofill and digital wallet save you over 50 hours a year with effortless logins and checkouts across the web.

Dashlane is free for life on a single device, or you can access your passwords on unlimited devices with Dashlane Premium.

Twitter: (@Dashlane)

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Family and Friends Wishlist



It’s that time of year again and Emmy® Award winning technology and digital lifestyle commentator, Mario Armstrong, a man who “never settles,” is going to give you an early start with nothing but “the best” holiday gifts for family members…


Mario’s list:


  • Masterful craftsmanship meets bold new design. The HP Spectre Folio with an 8th Gen Intel® Core™ processor pushes the boundaries
  • Smart enough to take over the world but nice enough not to – meet Anki Vector, your new robot sidekick
  • For those determined to be their best self, Cutera truSculpt iD technology is a non-surgical, non-invasive, safe way to melt away fat
  • Set your goals and let Quicken Deluxe 2019 help you reach them with one solution to manage all your finances
  • It’s easy to shop when Amazon App with Alexa is at your fingertips
  • Head over to GameStop and go back to the wild west with the just-released Red Dead Redemption II


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