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Sex & The City and Good Wife Star – Chris Noth



Chris Noth is best known for his roles as “Mr Big” on Sex And the City, “Detective Mike Logan” on the original Law and Order, and as “Peter Florrick” on The Good Wife. 

In a brand new role, Noth is teaming up with Tubi in the midst of the streaming wars for some much-needed levity. Beginning November 18, the nation can experience the next big thing in streaming – what’s not on Netflix, but free on Tubi. The free streaming service is launching six new commercials with recognizable faces who find the cure for subscription fatigue during what appears to be your typical therapy session. Noth and his cohorts all admit they’ve met “someone” new to help alleviate them of their streaming problems: the world’s largest free streaming service, Tubi. Noth will admit to feeling guilty about wanting to make a change from this “first love.”

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