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Gailen David

At age 10, Gailen David started a travel agency in his bedroom and began planning trips for neighbors and business associates of his parents. Eastern Airlines became aware of his travel enterprise and took him under their wing; supporting his travel business, including him in Eastern events such as press conferences, receptions and even aircraft retirement ceremonies such as the farewell to the Lockheed Electra.

His dream to become a flight attendant came true when he was hired by American Airlines in 1987. As a purser, he was based in New York, Washington, San Francisco and eventually Miami. Soon he was tapped by American to create instructional videos and deliver motivational seminars to his colleagues throughout the airline‘s system. Positive results led to training opportunities and speaking engagements at other airlines and companies throughout the world.

His “Jetiquette…The Customer Experience and You” training program was recognized by Travel Weekly Magazine and received “The Magellan Award” in 2008. Gailen’s from-the-heart program focused on showing front-line workers how valuable they really are and shared his own methods for recognizing and savoring the many rewards that come from making the travel experience special for someone else.

He trademarked the term “Jetiquette,”  which signifies a civilized approach to travel, and made it the focus of a blog titled “Dear Sky Steward;” which became an internet sensation along with a weekly radio show by the same name.

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