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Get Tips from The Mom on the Run, Colleen Burns|The Jet Set


Former New York Times food editor Sam Sifton calls the shift to family meals one of the “precious few good things” happening as a result of the pandemic.
“A lot of us are really experiencing the joys of eating together with family regularly,” he says. “For me, it’s been kind of joyful amid all the sorrow.”

But with summer coming to a close and as we head into fall, more carefree days give way to more scheduled routines. And while we will have the opportunity to enjoy family meals together as we stay at home, deadlines and time-constraints will get tighter as we add family life to our schoolwork and work mix. Here to show us how easy it can be to get filling delicious meals on the table as we juggle with this new work life balance is someone who has a little experience with juggling, a mother of six boys, Colleen Burns. She will bring us time-saving meal ideas and recipe tips from leading protein brands to help individuals and families navigate this fall season from breakfast and lunch to snacking and dinner.