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Shawn Kathleen

Shawn Kathleen has had a love affair with travel since a very young age. As a small child on a cross-country flight, a flight attendant offered to let her visit the cockpit. The pilots gave her a quick tour, strapped her into a jumpseat, then landed with her up front. After that incredible experience she was officially hooked!

Also known as “SK” due to her unreasonably long name, she has held positions in a wide range of professions; including serving her community as a police officer, working as a paramedic, a freelance writer, with her favorite “job” ever being a stay-at-home mom to her three amazing daughters back in the day.

SK started her career in aviation as a flight attendant for a start-up airline where she was quickly certified as a trainer, as well as being assigned to work closely with the FAA during the certification process. She flew for a total of 7 years with three different commercial airlines.

During her time working as a flight attendant, she started a comedic blog titled Rants of a Sassy Stew. She frankly discussed her work exploits and frustrations, and the website quickly became a hit amongst aviation professionals, frequent fliers and anyone working directly with the general public.

Years later SK created an offshoot of her successful website that she named Passenger Shaming. The humorous photograph collection of airline passengers behaving badly quickly went viral, and Rolling Stone Magazine named the Passenger Shaming Instagram account one of their “100 Best Instagram Accounts” of 2015.

Although Shawn Kathleen grew up on various television sets due to her father appearing on most of the popular shows of the eighties, The Jet Set will be her first foray into the medium.

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