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UK’s airline companies are taking the initiative to convince Prime Minister Boris Johnson to include travel as part of his plan to re-open the economy.  The airline companies included in their campaign the call to ease travel restrictions.

The UK currently bans overseas travel. On the other hand, those who are entering the UK need to undergo multiple COVID19 tests and spend time on hotel quarantine. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently under pressure to come up with a plan on how to rebound from the worst economic recession in the last 300 years. It was reported that he will have to first look into the data regarding hospitalizations and deaths before announcing the plan on February 22.

No Summer Season Travel

Summer is usually the time when European airlines are having a hay day. However, with the current lockdown and travel restrictions, airlines fear the worst. UK travel firms already expect to let go of 20% of their staff if there’s no clear plan to reopen the economy by May 1 according to the group Save Our Summer in their press release.  That would account for 500,000 jobs.

Boris Johnson’s Cautious Re-opening

The prime minister plans on reopening the UK economy gradually. The first stage of easing the lockdown in the UK will involve the reopening of schools. This includes outdoor after-school sports and activities by March 8. And by March 29, outdoor sports facilities such as tennis and basketball courts will reopen. This will allow both adult and children sports. However, despite opening schools, there is a likelihood that some days will be allocated for testing.

Does it mean that we are going to see fewer restrictions in the coming months? It still depends on four conditions.

  1. Vaccination should continue as planned
  2. Evidence of reduced mortality caused by the virus and a decrease in the number of COVID19 hospitalization.
  3. Infection rates don’t surge hospital admission
  4. New variants don’t change the risk of easing the restrictions

So When is Travel Coming Back?

There is still uncertainty as to when exactly can people from the UK travel again. Save Our Summer tweeted that “By mid-May, 16 million “at-risk” UK citizens will have had two jabs. Those 16 million should be free to travel as the data, from #Israel and the #UK, is clearly showing how well protected they will be”.


John Michael Jayme
John Michael Jayme
John Michael Jayme is a Travel Analyst for The Jet Set. He writes about news and events affecting the travel industry.






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