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United Flight Attendants Plan Day of Action



 Day of Action Planned for July 16th

United Airlines flight attendants are planning a “Day of Action” on July 16th, 2015 to make clear to the airline‘s management that they want a contract. United has been delaying progress of negotiations by refusing to improve several key components of the contract including the economics piece.

Why American Airlines Flight Attendants should be especially interested in United’s negotiations. 


July 1, 2015

The JNC would like you to consider the following points:

  • United Airlines is making record profits.
  • In 2015 United will see income 5X higher than in 2013.
  • United’s operating profit in 2015 – 2017 is expected to be $5 billion.
  • Jeff Smisek’s pay is up 32%.
  • Top executives and shareholders are cashing in.
  • United’s stock price is up 162% since negotiations began.
  • United has $7.0 Billion in cash on its balance sheet.

United just announced it is investing $100 million in a Brazilian airline (but it can’t invest in us, the frontline workers who spend more time with passengers than anyone else).

These are not concessionary negotiations. These negotiations are about putting three work groups together to complete this merger and move United forward. It’s been three years, and it’s been long enough. It’s Our Turn and It’s Past Time

Most Flight Attendants were here long before the merger was announced in 2010. All of us have made sacrifices, at all three airlines, to pave way for the success United enjoys today. Since 2010 new hires have joined our ranks and, just like us, they are having to deal with the challenges of a merger that management cannot seem to complete. This merger is working for executives and shareholders. It needs to work for all United Flight Attendants too!

As we have previously reported in our JNC updates, progress at negotiations has ground to a halt in our recent sessions. Unlike the company’s rosy communications of recent weeks, the parties are far apart on key issues. The bottom line problem is the company’s unwillingness to put the required economic resources into a Flight Attendant Contract. That is unacceptable and the JNC needs each of you to stand with us to make it clear to the company that we expect much more, especially now as the profits soar.

The JNC is unanimous in calling on all Flight Attendants to demonstrate our solidarity. On July 16th, across the system, we will conduct a system-wide Day of Action. We will stand shoulder-to-shoulder for a joint Contract that recognizes and respects what each of us brought to this merger and the hard work all of us do for United Airlines everyday.

Our airline’s future depends on completing this merger. Even though United has clearly benefited from the airline industry’s consolidation, UAL total stock value lags other large network carriers by 50% or more due to its weak operational performance when compared to American and Delta. The media and business press have repeatedly raised concerns about United’s operational problems. At the core of United’s problems is the failure to finalize our Contract and realize the full potential of this merger.

Make no mistake; United can afford a Flight Attendant Contract that values our contributions to the success of this airline. The problem is not the ability to pay; it is the willingness to pay. Management at United Airlines has been hearing from the JNC for three years, they need to hear from you too.

Plan now to join our Day of Action on July 16. Every Flight Attendant can send a powerful message to United management: We are united in our resolve to reach a fair Contract, and Flight Attendants are not going to pay for this merger.

It does not matter whether we come from pre-merger CAL, CMI or UAL. It does not matter if we are based in Newark, Chicago, Hong Kong, Guam or anywhere else; we must all be recognized for our contributions to United Airlines’ success.

More information will be forthcoming about specific Day of Action activities in each base and domicile.

In Solidarity,

Cindy Commander, CAL
Ken Diaz, UAL
Kathleen Domondon, CMI
Joey Guider, CAL
Jack Kande, UAL
Kevin Lum, UAL
Marcus Valentino, CAL

United Flight Attendants are not going to pay for this merger

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Air Wisconsin Flight Attendants Picket Airline For A Living Wage



Over 20 Air Wisconsin flight attendants picketed at the airport of Appleton, Wisconsin, which is home to the regional carrier that pays many of them as little as $15,000 a year and bases them in some of the most expensive areas of the country.

“To live in Washington DC on these wages is nearly impossible. People may say for me to get another job, but someone will still have to work for $15, 000 a year in Washington DC! What management is doing to hard working people is not right!” — Air Wisconsin flight attendant

“They are living in poverty wages,” said Toni Higgins, an Association of Flight Attendants-CWA International staff representative and former flight attendant to USA Today Network-Wisconsin

Ernie Lazernick, president of the Air Wisconsin unit of AFA-CWA to USA Today

“A lot of them end up working extra jobs, so they’re working 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet and pay their health care bills and food and lodging and their rent,” she said. “They want to take good care of their passengers and when you’re stressed about not being able to pay your bills, it’s really hard on them.”

“The airline industry has been very profitable over the years, and it’s their time to increase (flight attendants’) wages to a living wage.”

Lazernick pointed out that although AirWis management has refused to raise the pay of flight attendants since 2007, they have been offered bonuses.

Ernie Lazernick, president of the Air Wisconsin unit of AFA-CWA, said flight attendants are guaranteed 70 hours a month with a starting pay of $17.51. The company has so far responded with an offer of a 1.8 percent raise, and a subsequent offer of 2 percent.




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