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JetSet Passport Cover & Travel Wallet


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Thinking about traveling out of the country? You’re going to need a new eco-friendly faux leather passport holder. The new JetSet travel passport holder will give you everything you need so you can travel safely and in style.

Protective Hard Cover

You probably have a lot of items packed with you when you’re traveling. The last thing you want is for your passport to be bent or stained by something else you’re carrying with you when you travel- that is one benefit of the hard cover case. The hard cover protects your passport and other cards from getting damaged. Your passport is more likely to receive more wear and tear if you travel a lot. A hard case will minimize the damage that can occur. It is also much easier to identify your passport when it’s in a dark bag.


Keep your travel documents organized into one convenient place while you’re traveling. The last thing you want is to be missing something when you need it the most. The JetSet Passport holder has two credit card-sized pouches, a flap for airline tickets or travel documents, and a separate flap for the passport. The card pouches can easily be used for frequent traveler cards, business cards, and more.


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