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Hawaii: Plans for Fully Vaccinated Travelers Using Safe Travels App



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Hawaii Governor David Ige declared an emergency proclamation. In effect, this will extend the statewide eviction moratorium for the next two months plus it includes plans for fully vaccinated travelers.

No More Quarantine

Governor Ige signed the proclamation last Friday that will extend Hawaii’s moratorium on residential evictions until June 8. The moratorium was supposedly going to expire on April 13. Under this moratorium, landlords can’t evict tenants from failure to pay rent and other fees. Also, along with the emergency proclamation is the plan to accept fully vaccinated travelers.

Under the emergency proclamation, vaccinated travelers will no longer have to do quarantine and COVID19 testing. They will simply have to upload valid documentation to the Safe Travels Program or show documents in person.

The provision should be approved by Maj. Gen Kenneth S. Hara, who is the director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. General Hara and Ige are going to meet on Wednesday.

Lt. Gov. Josh Green said that “We are now gaming out some of the details. We’re hopeful to make it go for May 1”. Green has been looking to have a Safe Travels vaccine card for months now.

Green mentioned that inter-island travel will be available for vaccinated residents by May 1 and then June 1 for trans-pacific travelers.

Simplifying Travel via the Safe Travels App

Travelers who are going to travel will use the Safe Travels app. For vaccinated individuals, instead of uploading the COVID19 test result, they will just have to upload their vaccine card.

Green explained that the app will be able to “ask them to put in a couple details like the lot number of their vaccine and the date that they got it”. He also said that this will allow them to verify the information.

Last week, Governor Ige has expressed concern over the possibility of having travelers showing fake vaccine cards. According to the Attorney General’s office, two travelers were arrested who falsified their pre-tests. The violation can carry up to a $5,000 fine and a year in jail.