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CDC & FAA Issue Guidelines to Flight Crews & Airlines



The airline industry is in crisis mode, mostly due to their own mismanagement of funds, and aviations first responders are once again on the front lines. Flight Attendants are still taking the skies daily, and although cabin air filtration systems do filter out 99.7% of airborne particles, their jobs still entail quite of a bit of human interaction.

The Centers for Disease Control and The Federal Aviation Administration has published some “guidelines” for flight crews and airlines to follow. I’m curious, however, if airlines will follow any of these new procedures while working through the financial crisis. One example from the document mentions airline should arrange to house flight crews in hotels that are in close proximity to the airport and should be transported there aboard private ground transport that has been sanitized in advance. Also US carriers should ensure that the hotel rooms are sanitized in advance of the crews’ arrival. Who is checking on these? Further, they’re asked to provide crew with at least a 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. I’m curious if any of those are happening.

Here’s the full document:

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