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3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Road Trip



A road trip is an entirely different kind of travel experience than you’d get with most other types of travel. It progresses more slowly than a trip by plane or even train. It’s supposed to. However, many people have gotten so used to modern travel’s faster pace that they no longer know how to take a proper road trip. If you’re planning a road trip, here’s how you can push the reset button on your mindset.

Check Your Vehicle

Your vehicle does more than get you from point A to point B when you’re on vacation. It becomes a silent travel partner. As such, you need to ensure that it’s working at its peak before you log all those miles. Plan on getting an auto inspection before you go. This should include a check of the engine, the tires, the oil and other key systems. You have another option as well: Forego the use of your car and rent one instead. This route, however, comes with its own challenges. If you decide to rent a vehicle instead of driving your own, make sure you meet the age requirements. Often, car rental companies won’t rent to drivers under the age of 21, though most require that drivers are at least 25. Drivers 25 and older have fewer accidents, making them a better risk for rental car companies.

Turn Off the Electronics

Mobile phones make most things in life easier, including travel. You can look up restaurants in the area, consult a map or even find fun facts about the places you’ll visit. The problem is that most people tend to keep their eyes on their phones instead of on what’s in front of them. They miss a great deal of their trip that way. When you’ve embarked on your trip, limit your screen time. Instead, check out the sights in the natural world, study the architecture in the town you’re visiting or converse with the locals in the coffee shop. Your phone can wait, but your experiences won’t.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Sure, taking the freeway gets you there faster, but that’s not really the point of taking a road trip. The point is to experience the road and allow it to change you, and that usually doesn’t happen on the freeway. When you have the opportunity, take the backroads. Stop at the roadside diner. Tour the emu ranch you passed unexpectedly on the backroads of Idaho. The road less traveled often provides you with more interesting experiences than the freeway does. 

Road trips invite you to slow down, relax, and see parts of the world you otherwise miss when you’re moving faster. While you must ultimately arrive someplace, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the scenery before you get there.

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