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Jet Set to Caerula Mar in The Bahamas



Although many areas of The Bahamas were devastated by Hurricane Dorian, there are other areas that were left unscathed.

These areas are ready to welcome visitors whose tourism business will help the region’s economy recover; allowing other areas of The Bahamas to rebuild that much sooner.

What we’re jet-setting for this week: Caerula Mar, a soon-to-open luxury resort on South Andros island in The Bahamas! 

Why: Opening this December, Caerula Mar is putting the island of South Andros on the map for travel and giving travelers a reason to feel good about where their dollars go!

Details: The island’s first new hotel in nearly two decades, Caerula Mar brings an entirely new level of sophistication to the sleepy fishing village. The resort is owned and designed by Bryan & Sarah Baeumler of HGTV Canada fame, who are known for their fixer-upper shows, including a new show that chronicles how they transformed an abandoned resort from the 60’s into a hidden gem with some of the most luxe amenities in the region.

Amazing Fact: 

Bryan & Sarah, owners of Caerula Mar, have raised almost $200,000 to help their neighbors in The Bahamas who were affected by the hurricane! Check out their fundraiser on GoFundMe.

How to get there: Accessible only by 20-minute flight from Nassau, Andros is still relatively uninhabited, with the world’s third largest barrier reef and unparalleled diving, snorkeling and fishing —offering for an exotic escape in one of the region’s most biodiverse destinations.


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