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Travel Takes Toll on Children’s Eyes



Now that summer travel is over, take a few seconds to think back on how much time your kids may have spent gazing into their tablets and/or smartphones. These boredom zapping digital devices can put strain on young eyes. In fact, a recent survey of more than 1,000 parents of children aged 2-17 identified how screen time and sun exposure can impact eyesight and how children’s eyes should be checked before they enter school.

From the survey conducted by Think About Your Eyes:

Nearly half (47%) of parents surveyed said their children would spend four or more hours using screens while traveling to and from their vacation destination and one third of parents said their kids will spend more than 6 hours with screens during the vacation itself.

THE REALITY: Sustained digital device use actually puts kids at a higher risk for childhood myopia (nearsightedness). Once you get to your destination, encourage your kids to spend time outside to prevent the onset of myopia.

Children’s eyes should also be protected from UV rays whenever outside. The survey results show that parents are more than twice as likely to wear UV eye protection when they leave the house as compared to their children (33% to 13%).

THE REALITY: Everyone should wear proper UV eye protection when they go outside. Without it, ultraviolet rays may cause serious eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration or vision loss, so adults and kids need UV eye protection – even when it’s overcast.

Remember, soon it will be time to book holiday travel, so it’s always a great time to plan ways to protect our children’s vision whether they’re in school, at play, or in flight.

Photo:  Mael Balland

Photo: Mael Balland

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