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Delta Air Lines Napkin says… WHAT?!

Okay.. trust me. Take some time to read the napkin carefully. Reading it while multitasking, on the phone, sending a text and not devoting 100% attention to the task of reading will probably cause you to think Delta Air Lines wants you to go away… for good.

In the marketing campaign which Delta says was meant to “celebrate people who go out and explore the world” is making its way around social media because, if read quickly.. is a bit.. misunderstood. Admittedly, I had to read it a few times and then thought maybe because I was looking at it before 6am my mind just wasn’t awake yet. But, I’m not alone.

A few people on social media posted their understanding of the napkins message:

And then there’s this:

Twitter user David Noon posted this interpretation

Delta says this video conveys their intended message better:


by Virgin America Flight Attendant
TJ Newman