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WATCH: Tornado Slams Planes at Turkey Airport



Some things just don’t go together, like tornados and airplanes, but that’s exactly what happened at Antalya Airport.

Antalya is usually a lovely resort town in Turkey, but the city was hit by five tornados in four days, wreaking havoc and damage the likes of which hasn’t been seen before.

When the fifth tornado hit Antalya Airport, multiple videos were released by travelers and crew members, shocking people all over the world.

The videos show a twister touching down from the sky and rampaging across the airport.

Planes slide along the runway when they’re struck by the winds and two buses and a minibus are completely flipped. Additionally, two sets of stairs topple over.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the videos is that some come from people filming in buses on the airstrip who are hit by the winds, or from crew members standing next to planes taking videos outside as the tornado passes in front of them.

Thankfully, only twelve people were injured by the tornado when a bus transferring passengers to a plane was overturned. The Daily Mail reported that two planes suffered significant damage.

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