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Not Even Florence Can Hold This Allegiant Flight Down



While most airlines have been taking additional safety precautions against Hurricane Florence, the same can’t be said about Allegiant Air.

In a move that can only be described as, well, it really can’t be given an explanation, but like most airlines who fly around the storm—which one would think to be the logical move—Allegiant decided to just fly right on over it. But to be fair, you can’t expect such a low-cost airline to spend the extra funds needed to go around it.

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Now, this isn’t exactly deemed ‘dangerous,’ but I’d think it’s safe to say that no one aboard Allegiant flight AAY2237 would really prefer to fly this route, apart from the pilot. shows images of the Allegiant flight route in comparison with other flights in the area, and it’s actually kind of humorous. In addition, there’s also a graph showing exactly how bumpy of a ride it was

I can only imagine how disappointed the passengers were. The amount of turbulence is one thing, but to add to that, they were likely stuck in their seat the entire time with zero hope of even seeing a service cart heading towards them—or zero hope of seeing their next breath even.

A 60 Minutes report back in April claimed the airline had reportedly experienced more than 100 serious mechanical incidents between January 1, 2016, and October 31, 2017. Now we’re all left to wonder how that can even be possible with the increasing number of logical choices they’ve been making.

Shockingly, they aren’t exactly the first to do this. Back when Hurricane Irma was wrecking havoc, Delta flight 431 decided they’d do the same, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Either way, I think we can agree that no one at this point is really sure what Allegiant was thinking. I know that’s not a flight I’d have really enjoyed much, and I’m sure all aboard the plane are just grateful to get where they were going and remain alive.

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