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Cobra JumPack. This pocket-sized battery can jump start their car without a needing a second vehicle, so your student does not have to worry about relying on a stranger for help or waiting for tow truck. It will jumpstart most cars multiple times on a single charge and will hold its charge up to 8 months. Since it’s a portable battery, it can also charge phones, so your child can always be in touch.

When purchasing a laptop, it’s important to get one that best suits your child’s needs. For those entering high school and college, connectivity and battery life are key features. The Lenovo Miix 630 is a 2-in-1 detachable laptop with a thin, light, fanless design powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. It gives you constant connectivity with integrated 4G LTE so your child won’t have to rely on Wi-Fi and a whopping 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Back to school is a perfect time to re-evaluate screen time limits. With Circle Home, you can set daily time limits for each device, app or app category, create a BedTime, set Off times and pause the internet with the press of a button. On the flip side, you can also reward kids with extra screen time. And, you can also filter content so it’s age appropriate. You can also see how much time each child spends on their devices, which platforms they use and even breakdown time by individual apps. And, by subscribing to Circle Go, you can still manage your child’s device even when they leave the house.

Because of screen time issues, a lot of parents struggle with the question of when to give their child a smartphone. But Relay is a screenless phone. It works a lot like an old-fashioned walkie-talkie, except that it works on both Wi-Fi and Republic Wireless’s 4G LTE network—so you can connect anywhere you’d use a cell phone. Starting a conversation is as easy as pushing a single button. All Relay devices and smartphones running the Relay app that are on your account will receive the broadcast. (Parents can also use the app to locate their child’s Relay.)

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