More Jetiquette at JetBlue!

If you thought JetBlue was done reinventing flying, fasten your seatbelts! The airline that revolutionized the air travel experience, winning the JD Power award for 12 of the past 13 years, isn’t about to stop now.

JetBlue to Seamlessly Tweet, Text, Email & More With Customers

JetBlue announced a new partnership today with Gladly, a modern customer service platform that will enable travelers to have one continuous conversation with JetBlue’s customer support team across multiple channels – such as phone, text, chat, email, Tweet or even Facebook message – to the next without taking valuable time to repeat and recap their previous conversations. Gladly will be implemented in JetBlue’s customer support center.

JetBlue shared this example of how it will work:

A customer can tweet that they are looking forward to an upcoming family vacation, then on the day of travel, text JetBlue that they’re running late to the airport and might miss their flight. In one screen, JetBlue will be able to view the tweet and text to quickly understand the stress of that situation, text back rebooking options, and send an email confirmation of the change while the family is still in transit. This example is one of the countless scenarios where JetBlue can save time and quickly offer personal and helpful service to the customer.

Here is how a JetBlue customer service rep will see all interactions with customers

“We’ve always taken an innovative approach to customer service and this partnership will further advance our leadership,” said Frankie Littleford, vice president customer support, JetBlue.

When one considers the fact that airlines are relying on customer service technology built over 20 or 30 years ago to handle communications with travelers, it makes perfect sense why so many become frustrated when contacting their airline to manage travel issues.

JetBlue forever changed what we all expect from air-travel and it will be exciting to experience how they take it to an even higher level.

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