Travel is even more enjoyable when you know that the security of your debit card is under control. Ally Bank has introduced an app that gives customers complete control from their smartphones!

Here are details about the new debit card control app from Ally: 
Ally Bank, the direct banking subsidiary of Ally Financial Inc. (NYSE: ALLY), today announced the launch of a new service that will allow debit card customers to set control preferences to match their desired usage profile and change them instantly when needed, all with a touch on a smartphone app.
The Card Control app for Ally features the immediate ability to turn a debit card on or off, set location aware controls, transaction types, merchant types and amounts with a single touch. The app is accessible from the Ally Bank mobile application, and available for both checking and market money account customers on Android and Apple devices.
“At Ally, we continuously innovate and strive for exceptional convenience for our customers,” said Diane Morais, Ally Bank chief executive officer and president.“Giving Ally Bank customers the ability to proactively control, monitor, and manage card usage with the tap on the Card Control app for Ally provides cardholders peace of mind related to their debit card.”
On/Off Feature – Having the instant ability to turn a debit card on and off when it is misplaced or stolen.
Spend Limits  The ability to set weekly or monthly spend thresholds for transaction amounts put the power in the hands of the cardholder.  It provides customers a great way to manage their spending.
Location Awareness Controls – This setting allows cardholders to keep their debit card active around their phone, or only within a specified region on a map. A consumer can choose to deny card present transactions across geographical regions, defined regions on a user-specified map, and international purchases. Accompanying these controls are transaction status based alerts which alert consumers when a transaction outside of the specified regions has been denied.
Choose Merchant Categories and/or Transaction Types – The app will also allow customers to enable or disable specific categories of merchants such as groceries, fuel, entertainment or travel, to control card usage. In addition, cardholders can disable online shopping to avoid unauthorized purchases, and turn it on instantly when required.

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