In the coming days Alaska Airlines will hold a press conference and events that’ll unveil their new “brand identity” as they work toward integrating Virgin America into their system and product. Here’s a sneak peak at what you can expect:

  • The new company’s name will remain Alaska Airlines
  • Virgin America planes will increase 8 first class seats to 12, though it’ll be a new seat
  • Rumor is the new seat may not be motorized

  • The seat pitch in first class will decrease from 55″ to 41″
  • The leases on the Airbus aircraft don’t expire until 2020, so expect to see the VX planes until such time
  • Fleetwide new cabin interiors are planned, it seems to be “moodlighting” is the surviving aspect of Virgin America
  • In 2019 the Virgin America brand will vanish, and new uniforms will be unveiled
  • The RED InFlight Entertainment system and on-demand ordering will probably be removed and replaced with personal entertainment devices
  • Also in 2019 operations at SFO will combine in Terminal 2, and American Airlines will move to Terminal 1

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