We’ve talked a lot on the show about how challenging travel can be to those wishing to maintain an effective health and fitness regimen. We’re happy to share two of our favorite ways to keep our health and fitness routines on track while on the go!

1: Jet Set Diet Tip: Perfect Blend Smoothies

The energizing and performance benefits of maca and chia seeds plus the detoxifying benefits of ginger are just the beginning of what we found after downloading a copy “The Perfect Blend”, a new book by Tess Masters. For travel, one of the many options is to keep a bag of chia seeds, maca and some ginger in your suitcase. Of course, you’ll need access to a blender while traveling such as a NutriBullet. It’s worth the effort!

Maca, chia seeds, ginger and a small blender get packed in my suitcase. I purchase the frozen fruit at the destination and store it in the room’s freezer. I always call ahead and have the hotel make sure one is in the room.

Tess Masters joined us on The Jet Set to show us just how easy it is to create delicious and nutritious snack and meal options at home or while traveling.

2: Fitness Tip While on The Jet Set: Orange Theory

Nikki, recently filmed a “Fit to Fly” segment Orange Theory Fitness in Old Town Alexandria. We are both members of Orange Theory and have found it to be the perfect solution to stay in shape while home and while traveling. They have so many locations and they allow you to use your membership throughout the OTF network by easily reserving a spot via their mobile app.

The Orange Theory Fitness workout lasts a super challenging 1-hour, which makes it perfect for between meeting workouts or before/after seeing the sights!

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